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               Company Profile

            Xuhong Precise Parts and Assemblies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Sixteen years past, Xuhong covers 8000 square meters currently, owns staff more than 300, passes ISO9000 certification and IATF16949 certification, wins High and New Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu, Private Science and Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu, Trustworthy Enterprise of Suzhou and other honors, gets several national patents as well. Our products widely use in autos, telecommunications, medicals, consumers, powers, industry and so on. The annual sale is more than one hundred million RMB.

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            Overview Milestone Operation Purpose 
            Welcome to call us(+86)512-5510 5988
            Main End
            Precision stamping

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            Precision injection

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            Mold processing

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            Jiangsu Xuhong Precise Parts and Assemblies Co.,Ltd
            Main Products
            Testing Machines
            Contact Us
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